​​​Centre for Defence Sciences Research & Development 

- An Autonomous Think-Tank of Defence and Security Studies 


The Centre for Defence Sciences Research & Development (CDSRD) is an autonomous and non-political think-tank of Defence and Security Studies with its registered headquarter at Allahabad. It was established on January 26, 2009 with a view to appraising, integrating and disseminating scientific knowledge concerning Defence Studies, National Security and International Affairs in the new changing national and international scenario.


  1. To create ‘Security Awareness’ in the society through young minds to strengthen societal cohesiveness.
  2. To generate a mature and pragmatic outlook towards contemporary problems of strategic environment and consequent security needs.
  3. To organize pool of experts on ‘National Security’ and to collaborate and cooperate with IGOs and NGOs working in the field of Defence Sciences (Studies).
  4. To offer a forum for integrated development of Defence & Strategic Studies and for constant interaction between military professionals, strategic thinkers and academicians to develop strategic culture.

The Centre is established primarily to study national and international issues pertaining to security and development. The Centre would appreciate and welcome grants/donations from individuals, institutions and organisations for the furtherance of the aims and objectives of the Centre. The Centre undertakes projects/studies sponsored by local, national and international funding agencies.

The Centre would endeavour to establish ‘national net-work’ between Centres/Think-Tanks/ Organisations pursuing the objectives of national security. 

To encourage and promote the study of and research into the discipline of Defence & Security Studies, so as to enhance national awareness about the interplay of political, economic and military factors in the evolution of national security policies.

“The arrow shot by the archer may or may not kill a single person, but stratagems devised by a wise man can kill even babes in the womb.”
                                             – KAUTILYA