​​​Centre for Defence Sciences Research & Development 

- An Autonomous Think-Tank of Defence and Security Studies 


Security Studies is the need of the hour. It is NOT that it was not the necessity of the yesteryears but in contemporary times its requirements has increased many folds. This increase is due to the new dimensions of insecurity particularly because of the emergence of nuclear weapons and the belief in the success of terrorism. 

The activities of the Centre for Defence Sciences (Research & Development) are being directed to help in generating and proliferating the ideas and principles of peace and security. Broadly, our mission is “to encourage and promote the study of and research into the discipline of Defence & Strategic Studies, so as to enhance national awareness about the interplay of political, economic and military factors in the evolution of national security policies” with the guiding philosophy of KAUTILYA which advocates “the arrow shot by the archer may or may not kill a single person, but stratagems devised by a wise man can kill even babes in the womb”.

In nutshell Centre for Defence Sciences (Research & Development) is an independent, non-profit and non-political think-tank which is working to create a national network for creating security awareness generating pragmatic outlook on security issues and creating independent pool of experts on national security to offer a forum for integrated development of Defence and Security Studies. 

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Prof. R. N. Swarup